Quinns best kept secrets: Cutting and Styling

Claire cutting mirror_Fotor

We would always prefer to dry and style your hair after any haircut, this allows us to see how your new hair cut falls plus the chance to show you the best way to style your hair, including tool advice and what products will suit you best.

We always shampoo your hair before any cutting. Cutting is always easier, and more precise when it has been shampooed first. The hair lays neatly and stays wet for cutting.

However we do offer a ‘wet cut’ service when we will rough dry your hair after your haircut without styling. This can suit very casual haircuts or if in fact you are about to go for a swim!

Whenever possible alongside this, we offer complimentary styling with an available apprentice. Giving you a nicer look as you leave the salon, and great practice for our young future stylists.

As well as your regular styling, we can offer options to change your look, this may be the use of steam irons, styling wands, rollers, maybe a hair up. This may require a longer appointment, so please mention when making your appointment.

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The Quinns Hair team at the Paul Mitchell Intelligent Style Tour
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