Quinns best kept secrets: Using the correct haircare products – which, when and how!

Paul Mitchell shampoos

The benefits of using the right products and, most importantly, knowing how and when to use them, will give you amazing hair.

Whatever hair type you have there are products to help you get the best out of your hair.  Products to make your hair thicker, skinnier, sleeker and curlier.  Products to help you change the texture, making hair surface smoother and in added volume, as well as improved condition.  These products can enhance your hair during the shampoo, conditioner, before styling, during styling and after styling.

Shampoos can add body, moisture, strength, protect colour, add moisture, enhance curl, care for blondes, remove product build-up, remove chlorine product, calm your scalp, cool blondes, brighten white hair, volumnise natural hair and decrease oiliness.

Whilst conditioning your hair you can replace lost proteins, moisture, strengthen, curl and you can even condition hair without weighing it down! Leave in conditioners are great for longer, damaged or thirsty hair, with a  small amount of product being applied, mainly through the length and dried into the hair.  These conditioners will prevent split ends and damage to your hair.

Weightless oils will add shine, condition and smoothness and are suitable for all hair types.

Before applying styling products, towel dry your hair, but not too much, just enough to stop it dripping.

You can ‘cocktail’ your products by mixing 2 or 3 together and applying in one application.

Products used to dry into your hair can add body, root lift, thickness, condition, shine, hold, curl and manageability.  They can remove coarseness, dryness and frizz.

Heat protection and colour protection products are also available which is incredible!

To finish your styling, once dry, products can now add hold, shine and condition whilst removing frizz.

Salon products are concentrated so you only need to use a little of each. Smoothing the product over your hands is usually the best way to apply evenly through the hair.

Using not only the correct product but knowing how much to use is vital, as is where to put it.

All of these products are in Quinns – the Paul Mitchell Range.  Please ask your stylist for further information.  All products recommended by Quinns are guaranteed.  Purchase any recommended products and fail to be impressed then simply return them within 14 days for a refund.

We only want you to have products that you love!

The Quinns Hair team at the Paul Mitchell Intelligent Style Tour
Paul Mitchell XG Range: The future generation of permanent hair colour
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