Quinns top tips to protect your colour

Nothing in life is permanent, not even permanent  hair colour, and while there is nothing you can do to prevent the inevitable grow out, you can take a few precautions to make sure your hair colour stays bright, shiny and beautiful as long as possible.

  • Paul Mitchell Colour CareWait 48 hours to shampoo so the dye molecules have time to set in. Use a shampoo for colour treated hair, we recommend the Paul Mitchell colour protect range featuring sunflower extract for natural UV protection, don’t forget to rinse with tepid water – hot water expands the cuticle (the protective layer of hair shaft) letting colour escape.
  • Apply an intensive conditioning mask once a week. The added hydration strengthens strands, making them less prone to environmental damage that causes fading. Conditioning also helps create a smooth surface that allows hair to better reflect light, making colour more vibrant.
  • Avoid the Sun – The sun’s ultra violet rays break down the pigment in your strands, lighting chemically coloured hair by as much as four shades every hair colour can benefit from a colour protecting spray. (Try Paul Mitchell Colour protect locking spray)
  • Be aware of the beach, salt water raises the cuticle, which lets your hair’s pigment escape. To prevent salt-induced damage, use a leave-in conditioner before your trip to the beach as this will act like a barrier, then rinse with fresh water as soon as possible after returning – the longer you wait, the more potential for colour damage.
  • Chlorine – The chemicals that kill bacteria in the pool will be like swimming in bleach for your new colour. Chlorine can leave light hair looking green; turn greys yellow, make red hair less vibrant and dull brunette shades. Before taking a dip, wet your hair with fresh water – it will soak up less chlorine since it’s already saturated, be sure to rinse your hair as soon as you exit the pool to minimise the damage.

Any questions or need help with your hair colouring? Send us an email using this form or call on 01837 54445!

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