The Quinns Team…

Quinns Hair Team 25th anniversary ball

The secret to the salon’s success is the team, each carefully chosen to make sure they have what it takes to please.

They need to be passionate about hair, committed to continued education and ‘to love what they do’!

We invest heavily in ongoing professional training and development for all team members to ensure they are continuously refining their expertise and are up to speed on all the latest products, equipment and techniques.

As well as working well individually, the salon team really are a team with each member looking to see how they can help other members when they have the time.

There are no ‘egos’ in the salon, and there is no competition between members of the team. Instead, there is a strong bond enabling everyone to reach their full potential.

Not only does this give the best working conditions, it also creates an excellent atmosphere which is often commented on by the guests of the salon.

The team has expanded in size, now with 22 members. See their individual profiles by clicking on their picture on the right…

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